Patrick koons - Age: 30 - Passed: 11/7/2018

1-69 W Noble St, Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, 18634

Considering donating in memory of Patrick koons who life was cut short at the age of 30 sadly.

Our nonprofit have been using our donations since 2014 to help end the stigma around substance use disorders, to assist those struggling find help, to assist with sober living and also purchasing and donating urns to families who can't afford the cost. This is just a partial list of where our donations go.

Consider donating to help our cause by clicking here to donate via Facebook or clicking here to donate online.

Add your loved one who passed away to a substance use disorder.  Memorials give families and friends the chance to remember the lives of loved ones lost to substance use disorder.

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Evan Michael Affer - Age: 18 - Passed: 5/28/2019
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