Private Groups- these are private groups where only members of the groups can see your posts and comments.  People outside of the groups can not see your comments including your friends & family.

  • Heroin Support - a Private online support group of over 50,000 members for active users, those in recovery, and also parents/friends who just want to learn more about the daily struggles of active users and offer them support to quit.  Only people who are a member of the group can see what you post and comment in the group.

  • Heroin Support For Non-Addicts - Private online support group for family members to share their struggles with understanding addiction and how to deal with their loved one's addiction.  

  • Heroin Memorial - Private group that is restricted to only members who have lost an Angel to heaven because of heroin.  It is mostly parents but there are friends here also who lost someone.  Below is a public video that some of the members from this private group volunteered to have their Angels included in as we try to break the public STIGMA of addiction.

    Heroin Memorial 2016 June from Heroin Support on Vimeo.

  • Lost To Heroin - Private group for those who lost a loved one to heroin

Public Pages - these are open to the public and any thing you post here will be viewed by the general public.

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