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Justin Thatcher - Age: 22 - Passed: 5/27/2017















2-98 King Rd, Weatogue, Connecticut, 06089

Their Name

Justin Thatcher

Their Nickname

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Age at Time They Passed


Date Passed


Your First & Last Name

Allison Schulman

Relationship to Loved One

Parent (Biological, foster,step)

Tell us what they were like before they developed a substance use disorder*

Justin was my son. My first born. My life changed forever when I had Justin. He was a little devil as a toddler and grew into a handsome athlete by middle school. He played lacrosse and hockey. He loved to challenge himself. He struggle socially but accepted he had a few close friends and was happy with that. I had a contagious smile and laugh. I loved when his arms were around me with a bear hug. He and his sister were very close. He was always protective and never wanted her to go through or do the things he did. We did alot as a family like game nights, camping to movie nights. Upon working age he was ready to work. He wanted his own money and do things without having to ask us. He wanted to be independent and that is a rare quality now a days. He had many connections with teachers and always was polite and communicated better with adults that kids his own age. RIP sweet boy. Mom misses you everyday.

Tell us about their struggles with substance use disorder

Justin was a addict. We believe it began he started his senior year. He was approached at work my a guy several years older to come hang and drink at his house next town over. Justin was eager for acceptance. He began hanging out and staying out after work late. He never stole from us or asked for money. Worked paid for his own gas and apparently drugs. I had gotten information out of him on who this person was almost 10 years older. I researched this person. One Sunday he said he was staying over night there and left in a rage. We discussed school and he promised he'd be there. He was desperate to graduate. The next morning I called the school - no Justin. No answer on his cell. Next period at school - No Justin. I called the police and told them they had to go to this house. They gave me a hard time because he was 17 and they did not have to. I told them my son would not miss school. An hour later the police called and found Justin at that house blue and unresponsive.

What made them smile?

Many things made Justin smile. Playing with his dogs, playing goalie in hockey and defense in lacrosse. He loved adventures and climbing trees. He loved hanging with friends around bonfires. He called him self a country boy. He loved camping and was so happy going to Lake George every year. Even though nothing ever changed.

What do you miss the most about them today?

I miss him telling me that he has never felt better in his life than being healthy and clean. I miss him calling me every week from Florida, starting off with "hey ma" Miss him telling me that when he looks at the moon and stars we are connected because I look at them too. I miss how he would call to make sure his sister was being good and not going down the path he did.

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