Heroin - The Plague

Heroin the Plaque

The Plague
By Michele N.

There is a new plague in town
It's spreading all around

It does not discriminate
All we can do is educate

This affects more lives than we know
This epidemic continues to grow

Doesn't matter your gender or the color of your skin
Doesn't care what kind of house you live in

It kills women, it kills men
Doesn't matter whether you've got a million bucks or only ten

Here are some symptoms and signs
Maybe you can stop it in time

You might lose a lot of weight
Friends and family you will alienate

If you see marks on your arms
I hope that will set off some alarms

There won't be any money in your pocket
But to get a fix, you'd sell your grandmother's locket

You'll be too sick to work
You'll start acting like a jerk

You'll spend a lot of time in your car
Driving around, there isn't anywhere too far

You'll nod off and say you're just tired
Or you might be feeling a little wired

You'll have moods that go from high to low
Your list of enemies might start to grow

You're dependency will get so strong
You'll insist your ok, that everyone's wrong

You might take extended trips
Only lies will leave your lips

You won't want to hurt them, but you will
All because of some powder or pill

You'll make your mother cry
She will start to wonder why

She will say you were such a great kid
She will think it was something she did

No one will be able to count on you
Those who stick around will be few

Once in awhile they will see the old you
Even if it's only a glimpse or two

That's the person they dearly love
The person they hope will rise above

You will walk a dark and lonely path
You will feel the devil's wrath

You'll make friends with a needle and spoon
And spend most of your time alone in your room

You'll find a new use for that leather belt
You'll use your lighter to make the venom melt

You will spend time in rehab or jail
This all begins with one little sale

If this sounds like you, please heed this warning
Before it's too late and your family is mourning

I Wish You Had Never Met "Heroin" Your Special Fri...
A Mistress Named Heroin


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Thursday, 28 October 2021

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