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A Mistress Named Heroin

A Mistress Named Heroin

A Mistress Named Heroin
By Michele N.

You said hello and soon she became your mistress

Guess it's true what they say, ignorance really is bliss.

You thought she was sweeter than honey

You couldn't see she was only out for your money

She made you lie and steal from family and friends

She tested our love time and time again

It was hard to watch, you were her slave

She was seductive, She was all you could crave

She made you hit an all-time low

And turned you into a man I didn't know

She kissed you with poison on her lips

She made you cash in all of your chips

When you had her in your arms, you couldn't let go

But her love wasn't real, it was just for show

What did she have that i couldn't give you?

What did she do that I couldn't do?

Did she make you believe you could fly?

When I told you not to even try?

She took from you everything she could take

she laughed as she watched my heart break

Her and I played a game of tug of war

To me, you were always worth fighting for

Finally, you ended the torrid affair

But she knew you'd be back, so she didn't care

I thought she was finally gone from your life

Gone, since the day I became your wife.

One day you went back to her, she knew you would

She took you away from me again, this time for good

A betrayal of depths which I'll never know

She looked pure and white as new-fallen snow 

But her intentions were cruel and her soul was black

Once you follow her path, you can never go back

Many have fallen under her spell

Very few have lived to tell

You gave to her your very last breath

You gave her everything, all she gave you was death

It's over now and this pain I will endure

For we will be together again, of that I'm sure

She thought she won, thought she reached her goal

She took away your body but she can never have your soul

Now we are apart, but it's just for a little while

And when I see you again, I'll be wearing the biggest smile.

Heroin - The Plague
I Never Met an Addict Who Wants to Be On Heroin


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Monday, 05 December 2022

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