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Heroin Memorial - 2015/05/05 - Joseph Briganti - Bradenton, Florida 34208

Submitted By: Kevorkian - parent

Joseph Briganti

Bradenton, Florida 34208
Date of Birth: 11/26/1977
Date of Passing: 05/05/2015

Tell Us About Them
He was so kind and loyal.....he loved us so much and sadly it wasn't until after he died that I learned how much he kept from me in order to protect me.....he had a little girl, Trinity, who is 3 years old now...... I was hoping his love for her would help to save him but I think his guilt, hopelessness and depression were a stronger force......all of my children say the same thing..."he was the nicest, best one of us all"....

Addiction Struggles 
Joe started abusing drugs in his teens....moving on to heroin by his early twenties......he went through 30 day rehabs many times and one time completed an 18 month program.... I thought he would make it that time....he was clean almost 2 years....longest time he ever had.... I know he wanted to be free so very much.....he told me he had so many things he wanted to do.....ugh...makes me so very sad.....he was almost 6 months clean when he died....had a good job, a place to live....gotten his license reinstated....hired an attorney to get custody back of his daughter, and seemed so happy..... I was on my way to visit when he was found in the back of the Home Depot parking lot..... I think he died when my plane landed in Tampa......my heart is broken....

What Made Them Smile
Seeing, and being with us always made him so happy....our family was, and still is, so dysfunctional..... I grew up in such a damaged environment.... I believed that my family would be different, but alas, dysfunction begets dysfunction..... I truly believe had we been an intact strong family my Joe would still be here......we made him smile and we all loved him....but we didn't know how to be there....still haven't learned how to love each other.....

What Do You Miss
No one in this world loved me as much as he did..... I miss his calls....always "hi mom....wanted to let you know I'm alright....I don't want you to worry mom".... I knew he was in trouble but I never understood until it was too late.....

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