Heroin Memorial - 2016/03/08 - LaRhonda Renee Vohl - Age 30 yrs - Independence, Kentucky

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2016/03/08 - LaRhonda Renee Vohl - Age 30 yrs - Independence, Kentucky

Submitted by: Peggy Vohl - Parent

Name: LaRhonda Renee Vohl
State:  Kentucky, 41051

Date of Passing: March 8, 2016
Date of Birth: May 5,1985
Age: 30 

Tell Us About Them:

LaRhonda was my second bitten child my first daughter. She was beautiful and funny. She loved helping people and animals.

Tell Us About Their Struggles With Addiction:

LaRhonda suffered all her life with learning disabilities, bipolar disorder and ADHD. She struggled with the way she was on and off meds in and out of psychiatric hospitals and treatment centers. She never felt like she fit in and she began drinking at age 16 than by b18 was smoking pot. I think she had tried every drug at least once. She had tried many times to kill herself and over dose. She lost custody of her daughter and hardly ever got to see her and the part 4 years she never seen her unless it was in a picture I showed her.

What Made Them Smile?

Animals always made LaRhonda smile if it was up to her she would have a houseful of pets. She was funny and would do the diluted things to get other people to smile.

What Do You Miss the Most About Them?

I miss her laugh. I miss her face. I miss how she helped me and I miss Wycombe her spending time with her little sisters.

If You Had a Chance to Say One More Thing to Your Angel What Would It Be?

I always loved you even through the rough times. I never wanted this life for you I wanted you to be happy all the time I don't understand why you went back and I'm sorry I called you a dumb ass because your not.


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