Heroin Memorial - 2013/02/08 - Denny Bristow - Age 26 yrs - Ionia, Michigan


2013/02/08 - Denny Bristow - Age 26 yrs - Ionia, Michigan

Submitted by: Sherri Boster - Parent

Name: Denny Bristow 
State:  Michigan, 48846
Date of Passing: 02/08/2013
Date of Birth: 8/2/86
Age: 26 

Tell Us About Them:

Who was Denny Bristow? Just an addict? Absolutely not, he was so much more. 

He was a mentor, protector, and best friend to his brother Randy (my second oldest).
To his younger siblings he was a hero, teacher and giggle maker.
He was that "one" crush to so many girls that they still remember it today.
He was a friend to many which meant a friend for life.
To his best friends he was family. To their mothers he was son. 
If in need he was counted on to be there to help.
To his first love he will forever own a piece of her heart.
To his aunts he was their care taker at times, helper and like a son.
To his cousins he was the cause of fun and laughter. Always having their back.
To his grandparents he was "scooter", their fence mender, yard keeper, repair man, BBQ cook, driver to the hospital, student of hunting and the R.I.P/deer tattoo on his arm to honor his grandpa.
To the schools and the boys in blue...... Well let's just say he never let them be bored. And yes going through a house, out a window, past a underground pool and over a 8 foot privacy fence in 30 seconds can be done. Especially if a cop car pulls in the driveway 
To Tony Stewart he was his biggest fan. And Denny is who brought nascar to our whole family. 
He was a country boy for life. He wore camo loud and proud. 
To his mom he was my first born and keeper to my heart. He was a son that had a great love for me. A bond that only we knew. The one that first taught me what real unconditional love was and what real pain is. Denny taught me patience and gave me strength I didn't know I had. Denny changed my life the day he was born and again the day he died. The time in between is what matters and was filled with so many memories that keep me going today. I choose to remember all the good ones with the real Denny. The bad and painful ones were opiates not my son. Denny was, is and always will be my baby boy. 
Denny had a great love for fishing and hunting. He loved his family and friends. He loved riding dirt bikes and quads especially with his brothers. He touched many in both life and death. He lost everything due to opiate addiction which lead to his final breathe from heroin. No words could ever describe the pain of his loss. The tears haven't stopped and the hurt will not ease. The memories are plentiful and held by many hearts. Denny is loved and missed dearly. 

Tell Us About Their Struggles With Addiction:

It all started with having fun with friends. Partying and the introduction to OxyContin. Addiction quickly set in before I even knew what was going on. Many run ins with the law and jail. Many rehabs. Family support and family destruction. A life of roller coaster ups and downs. Heroin was found to be cheaper with the same effect or better. He went from loving family, himself and life to hating it all. Helpless

What Made Them Smile?

Hunting, fishing, riding. Most of all his family

What Do You Miss the Most About Them?

I miss everything but especially his hugs with I love you mom

If You Had a Chance to Say One More Thing to Your Angel What Would It Be?

I'm sorry I couldn't save you


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