Dear Heroin: You Took My World

Dear Heroin

Dear Heroin: You Took My World

I hate you, you took everything from me. On April 21 st at 1034am you took away my angel. We had so much ahead of us, 3 beautiful babies, and one on the way. You were so happy and proud that we would be welcoming Gunner into our lives. My angel was trying so hard to stay on the right path, and be the righteous man. Now because of heroin our babies are without daddy. Heroin because of you i do not get to see that beautiful happy smile anymore, heroin because of you our son will never get to meet his dad, heroin because of you i feel so lost and empty and I’ve never even touched you, heroin because of you i can’t get out of bed because my heart aches for the person you took from me. He wasn’t prefect, but he was my everything. He was my happy place, he’s heart was my home. Heroin because of you i can never hear his voice again. He was trying so hard, why couldn’t your demons just leave him alone!? Why!? He had so much joy ahead of him! Heroin because of you i can’t even go into my house without picturing the love of my life laying their lifeless. Heroin because of you i know cry myself to sleep, instead of in the  arms of the one person who loved me for me. Heroin because of you my whole world is completely destroyed. Heroin, i hate you!

Heidi - Bethel, OH

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