2015/04/20 - Erik Kihner - Age 24 yrs - Houston, Texas

2015/04/20 - Erik Kihner - Age 24 yrs - Houston, Texas

Submitted by: Lauren Kuhner - Sibling

Name: Erik Kihner
State:  Texas, 77070

Date of Passing: 04/20/2015
Date of Birth: 03/21/1991
Age: 24 

Tell Us About Them:

Erik never realized how amazing he really was. He had one sisters athletic ability, and the others brain. He was outgoing, funny, and artistic.

Tell Us About Their Struggles With Addiction:

It took control over him. Nothing could stop him from getting what he wanted. Addiction, Heroin, drinking stole my brother. He became angry, lazy, depressed, a criminal.

What Made Them Smile?

His Friends around, animals, family, cookie cake, skateboarding.

What Do You Miss the Most About Them?

How loving, sweet, and caring he was when he was sober. His silly, whacky since of humor. His ability to stand up for others.

If You Had a Chance to Say One More Thing to Your Angel What Would It Be?

You changed me for the better. Thank you.

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