2012/08/01 - Victoria Crispin - Age 21 yrs - Cleveland, Ohio

Submitted By: Lorie VanTIlburg - parent

Victoria Crispin

Date of Birth: 10-14-1990
Date of Passing: 

Tell Us About Them
Victoria was my youngest. She always wanted to be affectionate. She wanted to make sure everyone was happy.

Addiction Struggles
It started with the pain meds her Dr. prescribed after the epidural they gave here when her son was born. THey did something wrong and she would get migraines. She started to abuse the pills and someone introduced her to heroin. And within a year she was addicted and lost her life.

What Made Them Smile
Her son Calob

What Do You Miss
That high pitched whiney voice she would get when she didn't get her way.

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