2015/09/01 - Alexandra Wilkins - Age 25 yrs - Averill Park, New York

2015/09/01 - Alexandra Wilkins - Age 25 yrs - Averill Park, New York

Submitted by: Debra Wilkins - Parent

Name: Alexandra Wilkins
State:  New York, 12018

Date of Passing: 9/1/2015
Date of Birth: 8/9/1990
Age: 25 

Tell Us About Them:

Alex was a very talented girl. She was a talented artist and could play guitar and had a beautiful voice. She had graduated with a BA from SUNY Oneonta. She majored in music industry. Alex had a quick wit and a great sense of humor.
Alex is missed by many. I'll never get used to her being gone. I miss her so much.

Tell Us About Their Struggles With Addiction:

Alex suffered from anxiety and depression and had started taking Xanax which her doctor prescribed in higher and higher doses. She was on them for over 4 years. She changed doctors and they were trying to wean her off of them. She told me that that was when she started using heroin because it made her feel better. She told us she was addicted to heroin 2 weeks before she died. We got her into detox and she seemed good when she got out. We knew nothing about addiction and didn't know how hard it is to get away from. She gave me a hard time about asking her if she what she was doing so I gave her space which was a big mistake. She walked out of detox with nothing except a referral to outpatient care. She got an appointment for 5 days later. When she went they wanted the name of her psychiatrist and she wouldn't give it because she would loose her Xanax which she said she couldn't live without

What Made Them Smile?

Alex loved animals. Especially cats. She would have been a crazy cat lady someday. She loved music and going to concerts. She loved hanging out with her friends.

What Do You Miss the Most About Them?

I miss her coming home and coming through the door and saying 'hey'. I miss her sense of humor and talking to her.

If You Had a Chance to Say One More Thing to Your Angel What Would It Be?

I would tell her how talented she was and how much I loved her.

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