2015/08/31 - Dennis LongElk - Age 25 yrs - Welch, Minnesota

2015/08/31 - Dennis LongElk - Age 25 yrs - Welch, Minnesota

Submitted by: Tammy Wells Garcia - Parent

Name: Dennis LongElk
State:  Minnesota, 55089

Date of Passing: 8•31•15
Date of Birth: 5•8•90
Age: 25 

Tell Us About Them:

Dennis was the youngest of my 2 children. He was a father of 3children who miss him a whole bunch. Dennis trusted and found to befriend people of all walks of life. He had a heart of gold and a smile worth a thousand words. He had a great sense of humor and always had people laughing no matter what the situation was. He was smart and knew his way around getting what he wanted. He will always be my baby boy, regardless.

Tell Us About Their Struggles With Addiction:

My son struggled with addiction at an early age. The older he got, the worse his drug habit consumed his life. Anxiety and depression played a major role into his using. He sought out using daily just to feel normal. The sad part was, he only thought of himself and no one else during these times, but I knew he wanted to quit and tried many times to become sober, but to no avail. He was his worst enemy, he knew it. He loved Us and his children but loved that feeling of numbness more. The worries stopped once he started self medicating. It was a daily routine, a routine in which one becomes accustomed to the situation at head. The withdrawal for him, like many others, wasn't pretty. He didn't OD on heroin, but did dabble with it. His DOC was Xanax and Methodone, that's what was in his system at the TOD, the struggle is real...

What Made Them Smile?

His family, he was proud of his children and seeing them happy is what made him smile. A home cooked meal always put a smile on his face too, me loved my cooking. Knowing we cared and loved him, regardless of the drug Use, made him smile. Knowing he could count on me, made him smile. Simple things in life, made him smile. The drugs use to mask his smile, the faces of addiction covered up his smiles...

What Do You Miss the Most About Them?

What do I miss most ?!! Hmmmm, I miss him, him before the drugs took over his heart, mind, body & soul. I miss the little boy I carried for 9 months of my life, I miss the little boy that I raised into a young man, only to be taken away from me. I thought we could conquer these demons, but in the end, they won.

If You Had a Chance to Say One More Thing to Your Angel What Would It Be?

Simple---> I love you !

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