2015/09/26 - Joshua Boschard - Age 30 yrs - Beverly, Massachusetts

2015/09/26 - Joshua Boschard - Age 30 yrs - Beverly, Massachusetts

Submitted by: Crystal Boschard - Sibling

Name: Joshua Boschard
State:  Massachusetts, 01915
Date of Passing: 09/26/2015
Date of Birth: 03/09/1985
Age: 30 

Tell Us About Them:

Have you ever met someone that would literally give you the shirt off there back, sacrifice there hunger for yours, do anything to protect your happiness? That was my brother. He hid his sadness to protect ours and was a selfless person with a beautiful soul. I could go on and on about everything I love and admire about my brother but I would have to write a book to do so. Regardless of his faults he was my hero and I can only hope to have half of the love, compassion, and innocence that he had. He was taken too soon and missed every second of every day.

Tell Us About Their Struggles With Addiction:

Joshua has been struggling with addiction for the last 5 years that I know of. He started by hanging out with the wrong crowd, experiencing new drugs. It only took one time for heroin to consume him and after a short while he lost his girlfriend, his dog and apartment. My brother was in and out of jail which only made things worse. Getting locked up for stealing to support his habit. Instead of getting treatment for his addiction he was getting 2 year bids. Even in jail he was able to get Heroin. He finally got clean, only for 2 weeks but it was a start. He wanted to get clean, wanted to move on with his life and let go of the addiction. He was able to last 2 weeks even with his so called friends trying to get him to fall until one night he decided to give in and use "one more time". That last time took his life. Addiction is all to real and is an illness that will be a lifelong battle. We need to help and empathize not judge.

What Made Them Smile?

Family and children. My brother loved family gatherings. Our family is small but just to be around every one made him smile and when ever he was in the presence of children he turned into goofy uncle josh. Never cared what anyone thought and would always be that person with a bunch of kids "beating him up". He was a great family man and always came with a smile.

What Do You Miss the Most About Them?

His hugs. He had a hug that when given, you just knew that he loved you. The absolute best bear hug i have ever received.

If You Had a Chance to Say One More Thing to Your Angel What Would It Be?

I miss you dearly and wish that i was able to read the signs more clearly. I will always have you in my heart and am waiting till i get the chance to see you again. Love you always and Forever!!!

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